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Sunrooms Toronto

Sunroom addition with cacti placed in it

One of the features that makes a home stand out is the number of windows in the home and the level of brightness. Having a bright, warm, and welcoming home is going to help ensure that you are always comfortable and happy. Also, it allows for you to get the relaxation that you have been hoping for when the sunrises or when the sunsets. No matter what you want for your home, a sunroom is never a bad idea to enhance your property. When you want to get the sunroom addition that you have always wanted, make sure you call us here at THA Home Additions Toronto. We are the best team for home additions in Toronto.

Heat Protectant Windows

One reason why we are known as one of the best teams for constructing a solarium room, or a sunroom, is because we know how to optimize the comfort levels and utilization of the space. This means that we are able to help with temperature control, among many other things. We are able to do this because we use high quality windows for sunrooms. We are able to ensure that the windows are heat protectant, so they do not wear down, and also so the interior does not get too hot or too cold.

Fan Installation

One thing about sunrooms is that they can get hot. You want to ensure that you can enjoy all of the sunlight without getting too hot. The team here at THA Home Additions Toronto is able to help with that because we are able to install fans into your property. We are able to get the fans installed, but these fans are going to be stylish and reliable. The team here can bring a sense of a tropical haven to your home.


Plants are a great option for your sunroom if you want to utilize tit for as much as possible. When you hire us here at THA Home Additions Toronto for your sunroom addition, we are also going to be able to bring plants into your property. We are able to place them and plant them in ways that optimize their growth. Not to mention, we will ensure that there are automatic watering systems in place if that is what you want. No matter what, you are going to have a wonderful oasis when we are through building this for you.

High Ceiling

One aspect of a sunroom that really enhances the comfortable temperatures and sunshine is to have a high ceiling. We are going to be able to construct a high ceiling for you. When there is a high ceiling, it also optimizes the fans and plants that we are able to install for you. Not to mention, the team ensures that the high ceiling is still complimentary to your home property, and that it does not look out of place. We make sure to consider all of this.


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